We Wish These LEGO Pokémon Fan Builds Were Official Sets


The RPG franchise Pokémon aficionados have produced some amazing LEGO creations. Here are some outstanding fan constructions that belong in actual sets.

Despite being the most successful media property worldwide, Pokémon is yet to work with the well-known LEGO construction toy firm in 2022. As a result, many Pokémon fans have taken matters into their own hands and made their own unique LEGO Pokémon builds because there is no indication that a project between the companies will happen any time soon. These amazing fan creations include everything from faithful recreations of well-known Pokémon to complete LEGO recreations of Pokémon Gold and Silver’s map.

Even though Pokémon and LEGO have enormous fan bases and similar demographics, the two businesses are not likely to collaborate. The Pokémon Company agreed to a licensing agreement with Mattel’s Mega Brand to produce “Mega Construx” kits based on their animated series. Unfortunately, Mattel is a significant competitor of LEGO, which explains why there hasn’t been a Pokémon x LEGO release despite its enormous desire. Despite a fan movement supporting it, LEGO in 2014 denied a Pokémon LEGO cooperation.

Numerous LEGO and Pokémon enthusiasts have collaborated to create their creations rather than waiting for the impossibility. Even communities like Reddit are solely focused on producing these unique products. Even though fans created them, some of these sets are so skillfully built that they might easily pass for authentic goods. Here is a compilation of some outstanding LEGO Pokémon fan creations that we wish were available in shops.


Shiny Charizard Pokémon LEGO


In March 2022, Pokémon YouTuber Brickmill Studios went viral online after sharing their mind-blowing Shiny Charizard LEGO build. The avid LEGO builder even uploaded a ten-minute tutorial video showing Pokémon fans every brick needed to construct the massive Kanto Fire-type Starter. The Shiny Charizard LEGO build captures every detail of the Generation 1 Pokémon, including the fire glowing from its tail and the red skin under its two wings.

Even more impressively, the YouTube channel has produced several unique Pokémon LEGO creations, including the Legendary Titans Regirock, Regice, and Registeel as well as Regieleki and Regidrago from Sword and Shield. If the projects were to be made into official LEGO sets and offered for sale as a retail item, every Pokémon lover would be thrilled to purchase them.


Pokémon Center LEGO


User Savath Bunny created the outstanding Pokémon Center LEGO construction in 2014 as part of the LEGO Ideas program, which was introduced in 2008. Other LEGO fans praised the faithful recreation of the recognizable medical facility from the Pokémon series and pushed the toy maker to release it as an official kit.


The Nurse Joy healing counter in the middle of the structure is only one of the many little features that make up the LEGO Pokémon model. The incredible LEGO recreation of the Pokémon Center also has a sweet miniature of Misty, the Cerulean Gym Leader from the anime series, riding her bike.


LEGO Pokémon Gengar Graveyard


Players will have nightmares after viewing the creepy Pokémon diorama made by Brazilian digital artist PokeMocsBR. In their mockup, Gengar from Generation 1 is depicted in a graveyard with various ominous objects. To mention a few, there are vines, bones, skulls, and even a spooky bat.


This is a fantastic kit to release on Halloween for the creepy Trainers out there who want to celebrate with a LEGO build. It fits in well with Gengar’s Dark-type theming. Other concepts, including a Jigglypuff performing on stage, a Geodude in a mine, and Ash from the Pokémon anime program camped out with Charmander, have also been imagined by PokeMocsBR.


Professor Oak’s Lab Pokémon LEGO Set


Every aspiring Kanto Trainer’s dream comes true with this LEGO set, which represents the location where they choose their Pokémon and begin their quest to set new standards for excellence. Of course, the next best thing to being there and choosing their starter would be owning and creating this in real life.

Along with three LEGO Minifigures of Professor Oak, Ash, and Gary from Pokémon Red and Blue, the Pallet Town lab has been meticulously reconstructed, down to the Pokédex on the table in the rear and the three beginning Poké Balls. Even the lab wall pulls up so the builder can easily access the interior. The 1,579-piece Pokémon design by Team BRICKREATE was conceived in 2013 but sadly never materialized. However, fans might still hope a set like this will be available someday.


Life-Size LEGO Pokémon


Fans have desired that Pokémon were real for as long as the most recent Pokémon action figures have been around. When he presented his life-sized Pokémon LEGO creations in a popular Reddit thread in 2020, LEGO Master Builder Dave Holder came dangerously close to making that a reality. Due to their incredible size, the enormous brick replicas of Charmander, Pikachu, Togepi, and Eevee left Pokémon lovers in amazement.


Pokémon LEGO structures take an absurdly large number of bricks to finish, so collecting the life-size kits would be the ideal pastime for enthusiasts to lose themselves in. In addition, the Pokémon franchise was first introduced in 1998 as an 8-bit RPG for the Game Boy, so when it is recreated in LEGO bricks, it looks quite authentic.


Pokémon Legends: Arceus LEGO


Pokémon enthusiast crhj mocs created a set out of actual LEGO bricks to commemorate Pokémon Legends: Arceus that every Trainer will want. The builder did a great job recreating the in-game ability to acquire a Wyrdeer ride and gallop about Hisui with their replica. On the back of the Pokémon Legends: Arceus mount Wyrdeer, which holds the saddle for the protagonist to ride on like in the adventure game, the main character is depicted as a Minifigure riding across some rocky terrain in the themed set. Even better, there’s a hidden Unown beneath a rock, one of the 26 Unown that players may locate by answering puzzles related to their positions across the area.

Although it doesn’t appear like the Pokémon property will work with LEGO anytime soon, enthusiasts have already shown that you can make the ideal Pokémon build without an official product. The possibilities for what Pokémon players may make are endless because of LEGO’s amazing customizability. However, many Lego Pokémon enthusiasts wish some of these builds were actual sets since they are excellent.

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