Pokemon Fan Makes Life-Size Version of Charmander Out of LEGO

The Pokemon franchise has expanded significantly over the past two decades beyond video games. In reality, a wide range of products portraying different pocket monsters has been made available. Yet, unexpectedly, Lego Pokemon is one company that hasn’t received any official Pokemon-themed products. While many video game players wished the Pokemon series would collaborate with the Danish toy firm to create LEGO sets, one skilled builder chose to design his own unique LEGO masterpiece incorporating Charmander, one of the most recognizable starters from the video game series.

Charmander was one of the original starting Pokemon, one of the first three to appear in the series. It is a Pokemon of the Fire-type, having a reptile body, an orange coloring, and a tan underbelly. It is notable for having a tail with a burning tip. This starter also develops into Charmeleon, which has the potential to develop into the formidable Charizard. One player recently experimented with making the basic pocket monster appear slightly blocky.

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A Reddit member named Dave uploaded a photo of their homemade Pokemon creation. They have created fan art specifically centered on Charmander. The Reddit user who produced this piece of art made the pocket monster out of LEGOs, which made it unique. They also disclosed that the Lego Pokemon creation was life-sized, indicating that a substantial number of bricks were required to finish the design.

My life-sized LEGO Charmander is now complete. Due to Pokemon

The life-size dimensions of this LEGO model of the Fire-type Charmander probably required a lot of labor, but they also allowed Dave to incorporate an astounding amount of detail. In the image, the Pokemon was smiling and waving with a festive look. In addition, the Reddit user used several bricks to reproduce Charmander’s iconic design, including its fiery tail. Finally, they placed the LEGO Pokemon against a field of tall grass to complete the concept.

LEGO Charmander                                                                                           

Unsurprisingly, a lot of enthusiasts have noticed this LEGO-built, life-size Charmander. Many admirers have upvoted the post and complimented the fan art in only a few hours. One admirer, for instance, said that selecting LEGOs for the project was a sentimental choice since it brought them back to their youth. In addition, a Reddit member named Bloomsday referred to the talent required to build the LEGO Charmander as “insanity” in one sentence.

Watching what Pokemon Dave decides to develop next will be exciting. They had previously created a LEGO replica of Bulbasaur, complete with the same level of attention to detail shown in their most recent work, in addition to this life-sized Charmander. In the coming weeks, people could try to recreate some of the brand-new pocket monsters included in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet using LEGOs. Whatever they produce after that will undoubtedly be impressive.

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