Pokémon Cards: Important Information For Parents

Pokemon cards are your child’s obsession, but you don’t know how to use them or where to begin. What you should know is as follows.

In exchange for Pokémon cards, your child has given up his toy trains and vehicles, but you rarely understand what he’s saying. Describe Pokémon. A booster pack is what? Describe a trainer. And who is this Pikachu guy he keeps bringing up? Regarding Pokémon knowledge, your child will probably always be one step ahead of you, but this guide is a fantastic place to start.

Describe Pokémon

The Japanese video game franchise Pokémon has been operating for over 20 years (it will celebrate its 25th birthday in 211). Pokémon, which stands for “pocket monsters,” is a TV program, a trading card game, a video game, and a toy. The actual Pokémon are animals that either live in the wild or with their owner (like your child), who is referred to as their trainer. To “capture them all,” we mean all 800+ of them, is the trainer’s aim.

What are you supposed to do with Pokémon cards?

The cards are mostly merely collected and traded by younger children. They might also wish to play the trading card game as they learn to read. The goal of gathering the cards is to create a 60-card deck that will assist you in defeating rival trainers in combat. However, your child might only be interested in gathering the cards he finds most appealing or valuable. Since each pack of cards is unique, if your child doesn’t already have any (or just a few), you might want to introduce him to theme decks, which are packs of 60 cards packaged in a tiny cardboard box or metal tin. Theme decks also include coin and cardboard markers that can be used during games to determine who goes first or how much damage has been done, but you can use dice instead of these items. Additionally, booster packs of 10 cards in tins or blister packs are available.

Every time a new season of the TV show debuts, new cards are published; your child might refer to this as a new “generation” or “series.” The newest video game releases usually correspond with the new series. Since the trading card game is currently in its eighth generation, the boxes of all more recent collections of cards will read “Sword & Shield.”

What are the different types of Pokémon cards?

Pokémon character cards, energy cards, and trainer cards are the three types of cards you’ll often find in a deck in the world of Pokémon.

Character cards

There are 11 types of Pokemon in the trading card game, including Fire, Water, Psychic, Metal, and Dragon. In the upper left corner of every Pokémon card, it is stated whether the character is in its basic form, Stage One form, or Stage Two form. The shiny cards your children are most likely interested in are the Legendary Pokémon. They are some of the strongest cards in the trading card game, don’t evolve, and can only be acquired through booster packs.

Energy cards

Every pack you buy comes with a Basic Energy card, which is needed to power your Pokémon for the entire game. Special Energy cards also give a certain kind of boost based on the type of Pokémon you have.

Trainer cards

These are the playing cards you use to control the stadiums, fans, and objects you can use in combat. The bottom of these cards lists any additional rules.

My child is interested in Pokémon GX and EX cards. Describe them.

These Pokémon cards are more potent and more attractive artwork because they have “EX” or “GX” written next to the character names. These are particularly sought after by young children since they occasionally come in flashy or holographic varieties.

What do Pokémon booster and expansion packs contain? They are what my child is requesting.

A fresh set of Pokemon cards introduced within a generation or series is known as an expansion. 100–200 new cards are included in each expansion release. An expansion cannot be bought in its whole at once. Instead, you buy them in booster packs, 10-card sets that you may use to expand your collection. Typically, these are themed around a particular expansion, so the cards inside can be any of the ones published as part of that expansion set. Sword & Shield Dark Ablaze and Sword & Shield Rebel Clash are two recent additions. In November 2020, Sword & Shield Vivid Voltage, a new expansion, is scheduled for release. Your child may still be interested in older expansion packs from prior generations.

What factors indicate a Pokémon card is rare?

The rarity of a card is indicated by a little symbol in the bottom right corner. Your card’s shape will tell you whether it’s common, uncommon, or rare: a circle, a diamond, or a star. Hologram cards, for instance, will always have stars on them.

How do you play the trading card game (TCG) for Pokémon?

Your child can learn how to play the trading card game in various ways. With a Trainer Kit, learning is most effective. Two ready-to-play decks are included, and they will guide your child and a friend through each phase of the game. You can begin using a theme deck once your child has grown accustomed to this one. Additionally, fantastic internet tools are available for teaching your child to play: There is virtual instruction on the Pokémon website, but you can also find each generation’s rules and regulations online. If in doubt, advise your youngster to ask a friend skilled at the game to teach him.

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